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Jerome Shaw Travel Writing & Photography


@mr_flapjack & I went to The #Easter Egg Hunt at St. John’s Cathedral. Flapjack enjoyed watching all the kids running to & fro. #Denver. (at Saint Johns Cathedral)

Someone call the ASPCA! Grandpa yelled at me for barking at the dogs across the alley. @mr_flapjack #petstagram #flapjack (at Capitol Hill)

I talked @mr_flapjack into posing for this #photo - he’s a pretty good sport about my penchant for #photography. #flapjack #petstagram (at Capitol Hill)

#Flapjack loves sitting on benches even in the #snow. #Denver, #colorado @mr_flapjack

It was a little snowy in #Denver on our walk this morning. @mr_flapjack didn’t mind too much though. (at Saint Johns Cathedral)

Someone is hiding in the pillows this morning. @mr_flapjack is a bit depressed about the weather - he had to have his feet washed after he went outside this morning. #Flapjack is not a fan of foot baths. He’ll perk up in a minute when we share a Clementine orange. (at CasaClarkson)

The lights always brighter on #Broadway. @mr_flapjack & I out for a walk this morning in #Denver. #colorado (at Ralph L. Carr Judicial Building)

#Beer: I’m taking a #Detour tonight for my #SaturdayBrew #craftbeer with a Double #IPA from #UintaBrewing #SaltLakeCity #Utah. (at CasaClarkson)

#FridayBeer, Señorita an Imperial Porter w/ vanilla & cinnamon by Elevation #Beer Co in Poncha Springs, #Colorado.

It was a day of #baking at CasaClarkson. Two kinds of cinnamon rolls, peanut butter glazed and caramel (pictured here) #bread (at CasaClarkson)

Banana but bread is ready at CasaClarkson. #Baking #Bread (at CasaClarkson)

It is baking day at CasaClarkson. @Mr_Flapjack did not give these peanut butter cookies his seal of approval. I think he is holding out for banana bread. (at CasaClarkson)

Can you identify what this is a #photo of? (at CasaClarkson)

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Travel Boldly has been the home of travel writer and photographer Jerome Shaw since its inception nearly 5 years ago, as his personal blog.

However, Jerome has a larger vision. He’s transforming his personal travel blog into an exciting platform where bold travelers all over the world can contribute their personal travel stories and dynamic photographs of some of the world’s most exciting and unique travel destinations. With your help, he intends to make Travel Boldly one of the premiere sites for travelers to read and contribute personal stories of bold and exotic travel. (at Denver, Colorado)

A beautiful young woman peeks from behind her mask during Carnival celebrations in Mazatlan, Mexico. I am on three year mission to visit the three largest Carnival celebrations in the world. Last year I was in Mazatlan, this year I am in New Orleans and next I am going to blame it on Rio. Photos @JeromeShaw (at Machado Plaza - Mazatlan, Mexico)